Our development is based on the following:

  1. Human Management

    The Hotel Ruinas recognizes the commitment that exists with its collaborators, as well as theirs with the hotel. This is why a pleasant work atmosphere has been created, which stimulates everyone´s personal and professional development.

  2. Ethics

    In order to grow and consolidate the company´s development, the Hotel Ruinas starts with the best ethical principles to be applied with the customers, suppliers, shareholders, employees and with our society.

  3. Social Development and Community Relations

    The Hotel Ruinas works, intending to reach balance with society, respecting the guidelines established by our Central, Regional and Local Governments.

    We are involved and collaborate with social help organizations, such as the Santa Rosa de Lima´s Girls´ Home, in Limatambo, the ABC PRODEIN (Christian Beneficiary Association Promoter in Integral Development) and others.

  4. Quality, Environment, Security and Health

    Our services are based on excellence and quality which strictly walk hand in hand with the conservation of our environment. We avoid polluting our rivers and air, as well as the emission of noises on our premises.

    Each one of our rooms displays warnings and signs which help us take care of the respect and conservation of our planet.

    We follow national and international procedures, as well as legal norms, to offer our guests safety against fires, thefts and other tragedies. The warnings and signs posted in strategic points of the hotel help our guests follow a set of rules, so as to avoid tragedies.

    Our customers´ health is constantly watched upon and we have medical service only 10 minutes after having requested it. In the same way, our collaborators´ health is also permanently monitored

Hotel Ruinas - Cusco, Peru Hotel Ruinas - Cusco, Peru Hotel Ruinas - Cusco, Peru Hotel Ruinas - Cusco, Peru Hotel Ruinas - Cusco, Peru