“With the Greatness of its past and Excellence of its present…”

We give you the most cordial welcome in the space of the Hotel Ruinas; a 3 star hotel, with a high level of service and commodity.

We are located two blocks away from the Main Square, in the very heart of the city of Cusco; the ancient capital of the Incan Empire and Cultural Patrimony of Humanity. It also is Southern Peru´s economic, cultural and historical center and the access gate to historical and natural wonders like the marvellous Machu Picchu.

The city of Cusco is located in the Huatanay River Valley, in Peru´s South-oriental Andes, at 3,415 m.a.s.l. and stands out for its picturesque beauty and unique personality, in which contrast and fuse Incan and Occidental styles, in a harmonious way, as well as historical and modern aspects.

Built in 1997, the Hotel Ruinas gets its prestige thanks to its incomparable hospitality and splendid service. The care for every detail, the place, the peaceful atmosphere and personalized service are the energy you will take in every day, at the Hotel Ruinas, to turn your visit to Cusco, into an unforgettable trip.  

The hotel is open during the twelve months of the year.

Hotel Ruinas - Cusco, Peru Hotel Ruinas - Cusco, Peru Hotel Ruinas - Cusco, Peru